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It was subsequently used as an Ottonian imperial palace, with 18 visits of kings and emperors documented between 9 AD.The last Holy Roman Emperor to use the fortress of Grona (said to have been fond of the location), Heinrich II (1002–1024), also had a church built in the neighbouring Gutingi, dedicated to Saint Alban.

Like other university towns, Göttingen has developed its own quaint traditions.Next Pharma manufactures a large volume of pharmaceutical products, for the German and also for international markets such as the USA, Brazil and the rest of Europe.Unemployment in Göttingen was 12.6% in 2003 and is now 7% (March 2014).The city's railway station to the west of the city centre is on Germany's main north-south railway.Göttingen has two professional basketball teams; both the men's and women's teams play in the Basketball-Bundesliga.

Single seiten Göttingen

The name of the village probably derives from a small stream, called the Gote, that once flowed through it.Since the ending -ing denoted "living by", the name can be understood as "along the Gote".Göttingen is also the home to Next Pharma Gmb H one of Germany's largest pharmaceutical contract manufacturers.The company undertakes pharmaceutical development, Clinical trial logistics and Microbiology services.It is likely the present city was founded between 11, although the exact circumstances are not known.

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