Single party cochem

Gives guests a chance to make new friends for future activities.

Weekend parties are ‘the date night’ of the singles week.

Make sure to print up drink recipe cards for those who want to relive the evening at home.

Single party cochem

Get a colorful collection of inexpensive ice buckets and let guests add ice and serve themselves.Encourage friends to invite their other single friends to fill out the numbers.4.The Scene: Create a va-va-va-voom valentines love fest in passionate shades of red, purple, or pink. Fill large glass vases with feather boas and feather ticklers. required: Make it easier for people to meet – create flirtatious name badges from blank buttons printed with catchy phrases like ‘Will ____ for food’ , ‘For One Night Only I’ll______’ , ‘Meet me, I’m_______’ ‘Will flirt for _____’ ‘_____ seeking same.’ Have guests fill in the blanks and write his or her name with permanent markers.Strategically placed mini-bites throughout the room are also great for singles mingling.Even if they’re hungry they, they don’t have to break a great connection if a tasty morsel is never too far away. The music will fill the empty space and keep early guests from feeling that the party hasn’t started yet.

Single party cochem

The Food: Make your own is another easy way to be the hostess with the most fun food ideas.Whether guests are customizing their own shish kabobs, finger food wraps, or ice cream sundaes, it mean less work for you and more interaction for them as they compare notes on their creations.Don’t forget to follow up with a phone call to get an accurate guest count and to convey last minute details.3. Depending on the size of the space and the experience you want to create.Invite the number the space holds plus 20% to achieve a pleasant crush.Create print invites with intriguing elements of the night to come.

For example a luscious Valentine’s Day, place a gold paper crown and party invitation in scarlet script inside red foil hearts boxes.Plan on having guests stand versus sit, it makes mingling moves easier.Do have something strategically placed seating for more intimate conversations.Or ‘singles bingo’ where each person receives a game card with interesting facts about the other guests.The object of the game is to find the person who fits the description on the board. Or give the more ‘traditional’ nuts and bolts game a twist.

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