Single party albstadt

[…] Brexit means that Poland’s right-wing government is losing its most important EU ally and the opposition warns that the country could end up marginalised on the European periphery, writes Aleks Szczerbiak.

But the government argues that Warsaw is a leader in debates on the EU’s future and is calling for a re-think of the trajectory of the European project.

Neither Labour nor the Conservatives have been honest with voters about immigration policy, and that shows little signs of changing after a hard Brexit.

The gap between rhetoric and reality has given politicians the opportunity to indulge in populist promises.

Single party albstadt

By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.Amidst the raw outrage that followed the EU […] In some respects the Brexit referendum itself was a violation of human rights, argues Adrian Low.Three substantial groups were denied the opportunity to vote when inclusion of any two of those groups would almost certainly have reversed the result. Scuderia Ferrari, the winner of the first ever GP held here, is already in China Maranello, 5 aprile – It’s now a classic on the calendar, but when it was first held in 2004, it caused quite a stir.A Formula 1 race in China would have been unthinkable a few years earlier, even in a city like Shanghai which was the first to open up trade with the West.

Single party albstadt

The Conservative party’s relationship with the EU has come a long way since Edward Heath urged the UK to be ‘inside Europe’.Euroscepticism has a long history in the party, but the drift of public, media and Tory sentiment away from European unity crystallised in 1988 under Margaret Thatcher.This probably means accepting some EU regulatory standards and devising a scheme to allow EU citizens to work in the UK (and vice versa).The […] The UK has formally given notice of its intention to leave the European Union by triggering Article 50.Paul Anderson writes that while the announcement was not surprising given recent speculation, it was nevertheless a bold move on the part of Sturgeon.

Only time will tell, however, whether she will be remembered as the First Minister who presided over […] An EU citizen is an EU citizen, writes Tanja Bueltmann, and the government has made it abundantly clear that we are all in limbo until a deal to secure our rights is negotiated with the EU – if such a deal can be done.But if the election does deliver a large majority for May, it could make a ‘softer Brexit’ far more likely as she will be […] Ireland is arguably the EU state with the most to lose from Brexit, given its close relationship with the UK.Anthony Costello argues that although the UK’s decision to leave could have clear negative economic and political consequences for Ireland, there is also an opportunity for the country to use the situation to increase its bargaining power and gain meaningful […] Like it or not, Britain is leaving the single market.Macron could pursue a tougher line on Brexit than his predecessor, while the current border arrangements between the UK and […] Will the decision to back a soft Brexit hurt Labour’s prospects in the upcoming election further, or would it help?And what would it do to Labour’s prospects in the long run?

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