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The octagon in the centre of the Cathedral was erected as the chapel of the Palace of Aachen between 796 and 805 on the model of other contemporary Byzantine buildings (e.g.the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna and the Little Hagia Sophia in Constantinople).The inner octagon, with a diameter of 14.46 metres (47.4 ft), is made up of strong piers, on which an octagonal cloister vault lies, covering the central room.Around this inner octagon is a sixteen sided circuit of low groin vaults, supporting a high gallery above.

single online Aachen

It is easy to find free-time activities and there are learning communities you can join.Low rent, great community life and and many free-time activities – these aspects and many more make our residence halls very popular. dating seiten kostenlos Düsseldorf Therefore, we recommend you to apply for a place early.Information about the rates can be found in the FAQs.This does not apply to the new residence halls Hainbuchenstraße 4,8,10 and Solar-Campus II in Jülich.

Single online Aachen

The cathedral uses two distinct architectural styles, with small portions of a third, First, the core of the cathedral is the Carolingian-Romanesque Palatine Chapel, which was modeled after San Vitale at Ravenna and is notably small in comparison to the later additions.Secondly, the choir was constructed in the Gothic style.We provide 4.785 places in 23 residence halls in Aachen and Jülich.There are different types of rooms: From classic single rooms and apartments to shared apartments and family apartments for students with children.It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe and was constructed by order of the emperor Charlemagne, who was buried there after his death in 814.

For 595 years, from 936 to 1531, the Palatine Chapel, heart of the cathedral, was the church of coronation for thirty-one German kings and twelve queens.

On the east end was a small apse that protruded and was, in later years, replaced by the choir.

Opposite of this, was the tiered entrance to the rest of the now defunct palace, Westwork. Charlemagne allowed further spolia to be brought to Aachen from Rome and Ravenna at the end of the 8th century.

The span and height of Charlemagne's Palatine chapel was unsurpassed north of the Alps for over two hundred years.

The Palatine chapel consisted of a high octagonal room with a two story circuit below.

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