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While they may not apply to everybody, there is no denying that they exist and why should young people who identify as such be discriminated against in state education?

Having trawled through endless complaints about the awkwardness of the classes and the scaremongering taking place, something struck me: an awful lot of the responses talked about the negative impacts on females.

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sextreffen Leipzig

To go back to the maths metaphor, you wouldn’t teach a child their three times tables and then hope that they would make sense of Pythagoras’ theorem a few years down the line.Unfortunately, that’s what is happening today all over Europe.Maths has long been and remains a taboo subject in Europe.There would be international outrage that such an important part of young people’s education was missing.So why is it we accept the equivalent for sexual education?

Sextreffen Leipzig

Having read through the survey results, I realised that the word ‘love’ was not used once.I would have assumed in a survey about sex (often referred to as the ultimate expression of love) that the word would have popped up now and again.It seems the tactic deployed by many European education systems is to scare their students about sex in the hope that they will be put off by the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy or an STI. gratis dating sider for unge Roskilde As one respondent put it: “We felt more as if we should be scared of potential risk any sexual connection can bring.” This is wrong. A major issue identified by a massive number of respondents was the one-dimensional nature of the curricula.Children all over Europe are being left in the dark and are being left with a strong sense of curiosity.

As a result they are resorting to the Internet, the television and their friends to learn the lessons they are not being taught at school.

I want you to read back over the first two paragraphs above and every time you see the word ‘mathematical education’ or ‘maths’, I want you to substitute in the words ‘sexual education’ and ‘sex’.

century and expected their students to just pick up the rest along the way.

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