Quotes and sayings about being a single mother

Franco ‘Co’ Bethel, former gang leader and right hand man to Scrooge.” ― Drexel Deal, “My research continues to amaze and baffle me. What we didn’t get from the home, we find ways of getting elsewhere.

We needed our fathers, but above all we wanted to be loved and accepted by them.“I came from as low as one could come, with no mother and no father.So in return I build a family for myself and these fella’s were a part of my family.You could have counted the fellas on your fingers that had a mummy and a daddy at home.Anthony ‘Ada’ Allen, one of the former leaders and founders of the Rebellion Raiders” ― Drexel Deal, tags: absentee-fathers, at-risk-communities, at-risk-youth, dead-beat-dads, fatherless-homes, gang-intervention, gang-members, gang-prevention, gangsters, law-enforcement, rebellion-raiders, single-mothers, single-parents, social-ills, youth-outreach, youth-programs “When I look at it carefully, by examining the interviews and the various social scientists’ studies, it becomes easy for me to see that we all were just rebelling.

Quotes and sayings about being a single mother

George Mackey, the former representative for the historic Fox Hill community in The Bahamas.” ― Drexel Deal, tags: absentee-fathers, at-risk-communities, at-risk-youth, broken-homes, coming-together, dead-beat-dads, emptiness, empty-nest, family, family-life, fatherhood, fatherless-homes, gang-family, gang-formation, gang-intervention, gang-life, gang-members, gang-prevention, gangs, gangsters, government, hurting-children, hurting-people, member-of-parliament, missing-in-action, policy-makers, politicians, representative, sense-of-belonging, single-mothers, social-ills, street-life, void-within, youth-club, youth-groups, youth-ministry, youth-outreach, youth-problems, youth-programs “We really had a close netted structure to rely on for anything, you could have gone by anyone house and get something to eat.Whatever they were eating, they would’ve fed you, and all the mothers would’ve treated you just like they treated their own.I will even suggest that we don’t have a drug and alcohol problem, nor do we have a crime problem rather, these are only the symptoms that we are experiencing, and the real problem is broken homes that result in broken lives.” ― Drexel Deal, tags: absentee-fathers, black-community, broken-homes, broken-lives, crime-prevention, crime-problem, drugs-and-alcohol, fatherless-homes, gang-prevention, geniuses, research, root-causes, single-mothers, single-parent-homes, symptoms, teenage-pregnancy “The Rebellions were the first gang in The Bahamas, to come up with a popular logo/brand in the wearing of Raiders clothing. Sie sucht ihn lustig However, other neighborhoods gave birth to their own gangs using popular sporting team images as their official colors and name.What the gang also did, it provided some level of protection for a lot of the working adults in the neighborhood.

They knew that their houses were safe, when they went out to work and didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking in to their homes.

When we would be out playing and it was getting dark, they would tell us now don’t be out here too late, because you know that freaks does come out at night.

Anthony ‘Ada’ Allen, one of the former leaders and founders of the Rebellion Raiders” ― Drexel Deal, tags: absentee-fathers, at-risk-communities, at-risk-youth, bad-boys, father-figures, fatherless-homes, gang-intervention, gang-leaders, gang-members, look-out, rebellion-raiders, rough-neighborhoods, single-mothers, social-ills “Before I was born my father disowned me.

It is the dismantling of our homes and marriages that create the right conditions for gangs to flourish.

If homes could be put back together or prevented from falling apart, then these symptoms could be, root cause eradicated.” ― Drexel Deal, tags: absentee-fathers, broken-homes, disregard, eradicate, family, fatherless-homes, gang-prevention, marriage, rebellion, rebellion-raiders, reckless, right-conditions, root-causes, single-mothers, single-parent-homes, strong-communities, symptoms, two-parent-homes “The majority of us were from single parent family homes.

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