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Хроника 1846 – Основание завода Райхельброй благодаря «гражданам-пивоварам» Иогану Вольфгангу Райхелю, Иогану Конраду Шайдингу и Иогану Мартину Хюбнеру Развитие в значительную немецкую экспортную пивоваренную компанию за счёт большого спроса в в Центральной, Восточной и Северной Германии 1878 – Новое строительство пивоварни на улице Лихтенфельзер до 1892 1895 – Преобразование в акционерное общество 1926 – Городской совет одобряет использование герба города в товарном знаке.

До сегодняшнего дня пивоварня Кульмбахер является единственной в Германии, которая имеет на это право.

Later it was the Amt for the Hohenzollern Principality of Kulmbach (also: Brandenburg-Kulmbach or, after 1604, Brandenburg-Bayreuth).The town was ruled by a lordly Vogt or sheriff, the mayor and a council of prominent citizens.As a result of the transfer of the princely privilege in 1363, and the electorate and the March of Brandenburg in 1415, all subsequent Franconian Hohenzollerns called themselves Margraves of Brandenburg-Kulmbach.From 1411 to 1529 Kulmbach townsfolk stood as chancellors at the head of the administration for the March of Brandenburg (Dr.Frederick Sesselmann, Sigismund Zehrer and Sebastian Stublinger). In the course of rebuilding the town, which had been largely destroyed, St. It was here that the first Protestant church service was celebrated under Margrave George the Pious in 1528.

Partnersuche kulmbach

As a result of its favourable location on the historic and 'escorted' roads to Bamberg, Nuremberg, Eger, Hof and Leipzig trade in the town flourished - guilds were formed for the weavers, dyers and silk embroiderers.In 1398, 1500 to 2000 inhabitants lived in Kulmbach; this can be seen from a burggraviate inventory of land, houses and taxes.The area later passed into the hands of the Count of Schweinfurt, whose power was usually exercised through the office of the walpode.Kulmbach was first mentioned as Kulma in a deed of gift in the Alcuin Bible between 10.When the male line of the Schweinfurt counts died out, Kulmbach passed to the Dießen line of the Andechs family through the marriage of the Schweinfurts' daughter and heiress, Gisela, to Count Arnold of Dießen.

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The counts acquired other lands around Kulmbach, built the first fort, the Plassenburg, in the first third of the twelfth century and founded a market town and a church in today's upper town (Obere Stadt).В 1846 году «граждане-пивовары» Иоган Вольфганг Райхель, Иоган Конрад Шайдинг и Иоган Мартин Хюбнер объединились в общество пивоваров.Это и стало моментом основания Кульмбахского пивоваренного завода Райхельброй.In 1180 the House of Andechs was elevated to an imperial princedom by the Emperor Barbarossa and given the title of Duke of Merania after the town of Marano between Venice and Trieste (now Marano Lagunare). In place of the old Plassenburg, the site of which is unclear, the dukes built a new castle on a hill spur above Kulmbach.The rule of the Meranian family ended with the last Duke of Merania, Otto II, who died childless in 1248.

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