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“Learn about our innovative building materials, our new interiors based on recycled materials, how we generate energy from waste, how we purify our wastewater and much, much more.Simply enjoy the benefits, knowing that we have thought of the little things and implemented them just about everywhere”, hotel-director Trine Richter says. For Danish children visiting Bornholm the ruins of Hammershus castle is a must.From here the ferries take you to the island in 1 hour and 20 minutes. To a certain extent I rather listen to a female witchdoctor at the messy market in Marrakech.From Rønne you can take ferries to Køge in Denmark and Sassnitz in Germany. Nordbornholms Røgeri serves a buffet of locally smoked fish and soup at a waterside setting in Allinge. I praises Hasle Røgeri, address Søndre Bek in Hasle, as the island’s best smokehouse for delicious herring.

fitness dating Christiansø

This is the home of Svaneke Bryghus, the island’s biggest brewery. Bornholm is unlike the rest of Denmark”, my guide Hans Vindahl says.He has lived here for 25 years and can’t find any reason to leave Bornholm.More about The easiest journey to Bornholm is from Ystad in Sweden.Here they still smoke herring in the traditional style. Bornholm provides active, eventful holiday filled with adventure and a visit to Natur Bornholm is an experience of its own for the whole family.

Fitness dating Christiansø

Along with Hammershus, the island’s excellent art gallery, Bornholms Kunstmuseum, are the tourist highlights.The gallery featuring works by the so-called Bornholm School of the early 20 century.Look for the symbol “Gourmet Bornholm” at cafés, restaurants and food shop; it’s a sign for local produced food. There is always something going on in Gudhjem and you can’t say Gudhjem without saying tourists. Partnervermittlung dubai During the summer this little fishing village transforms into a crowded place of people visiting for shopping, atmosphere and enjoying food.“The mysterious wedding in Pistola”, painted in Italy in 1894 by Kristian Zahrtmann, is one of the main works at the museum.

The building is a fabulous architectural jewel set in a stunning and spectacular landscape next to the rock and the Baltic Sea and the permanent collection are artworks of international calibre.

BORNHOLM: The island of Bornholm is a part of Denmark, but far from being like any part of the country.

Bornholm has its own language, climate and its own nature, but the island isn’t particularly big.

The locals take pride in making local products with a tasty and clear identity. Weather wise is Bornholm on top in Denmark with most sun shining over cliffs and sandy white beaches, and with a light that artists love and often recreates.

Let’s bring some local proud by Søren Christensen, editor at Bornholms Tidende: “I usually say that Bornholm is appetizing – and so unique that we in my eyes can compete with many of the major tourist attractions in the world.” Listen to Christensen; this statement came from his heart. The permanent collection at century and revolve around the painters of the “Bornholm School”, who worked on the island in the early 1900s.

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