Dating Samsø

She says, "It's not mandatory that every love marriage should work; it can have its issues like compatibility too.Breaking off any relationship is difficult, almost traumatic. My parents supported me and Shoaib helped me pull through those difficult times.“Now we will have to decline international projects and turn down visits from all kinds of delegations from around the world,” he said, adding that the lack of international guests will also have a negative impact on the island's hotels and restaurants.

The actress was earlier married to Raunak Samson, but after their divorce Dipika has now dropped his surname hence switching back to her maiden name.In an exclusive interview with BT, she talks about what made her fall in love with 'Prem' (his character in the TV show).Shoaib was not the reason behind her divorce: Dipika's marriage lasted three years and the divorce came through in January 2015.Being the only son, I had to be there for my mother and sister while my father was recuperating.Dipika supported us emotionally." The couple was waiting for the right time to announce their relationship to the world.

Dating Samsø

It was believed that Shoaib Ibrahim, her co-actor in 'Sasural Simar Ka', was the reason she called it quits with her husband, but the actress denies it completely.Now, after almost a three-year long courtship, Dipika and Shoaib have finally decided to go public with their relationship.The Danish haven of Samso is one of the world's first industrialised places to become energy self-sufficient – a great boost for a country about to host a summit on climate change.Tony Paterson visits the windy isle Aferocious force-nine gale whipped across the low grass and pine-dotted hummocks.Opponents of the government's savings plan argue that with Denmark's widely-perceived role as a global leader in sustainable energy the cuts send a bad signal.

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The Danish Ecological Council went so far as to warn that the plan could “undermine” the Paris conference.The Samsø Energy Academy, which hosts international delegations looking to draw inspiration from the island's innovations, is also due to have its 2.5 million kroner in annual funding axed under the government plan, something the academy's director said will both stop projects on the island and make it much more difficult to share knowledge with others.“We have received the financial support because we, among other things, host 5,000 - 6,000 guests every year from Denmark and abroad who want to see what we can do here on Samsø,” Søren Hermansen told Politiken.This telly couple has been in the eye of the storm ever since they fell in love.Dipika Kakar, who was married before she entered the industry, filed for divorce, which came through in January last year.

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