Dating regler stevnsfortet

Hoping to get out of it, Mordecai calls Rigby to babysit Thomas (leading to a humorous exchange with Rigby confusing him with the goat Thomas). Eileen's voice is then heard, and it's revealed that Rigby is spending the day at her house.

Mordecai tells CJ he can't get out of babysitting Thomas, but CJ tells him they don't have to cancel their date and she'll help him babysit.

Mordecai blushes and discusses the date plans with CJ, who agrees to see how far they get in a whole list of activities.Death then leaves Thomas with Mordecai and CJ, but warns them that he's going through a bit of a "phase." After Death and his wife leave, Thomas greets Mordecai, surprising CJ, which leads Mordecai to explain that Thomas is really 300-years-old. Single männer paderborn Thomas mocks his relationship with CJ, with Mordecai awkwardly explaining they're not a couple just yet as they both blush.While CJ leaves to use the restroom and Mordecai and Thomas heads to the bigger swings where a giant female praying mantis is pushing her child on the swings, Thomas laughs at Mordecai telling him he and CJ will never connect because as he's been purposely getting between him and CJ..When Mordecai tells him they're going home, Thomas makes thing worse for Mordecai by letting the praying mantis think Mordecai is using him to hit on her while his date is in the restroom.

Dating regler stevnsfortet

After a brief introduction, Death orders Mordecai to babysit Thomas.Although CJ comes to Mordecai's aid, Death reminds him he has a favor to owe.As they leave the porch, a portal opens with Death, his wife, and his son Thomas bursting through in their van.Mordecai tries to get CJ away but Death stops them before they can leave.When Mordecai refuses, Thomas' eyes glow red again and he throws a tantrum that causes a minor earthquake, the ice cream truck and the ice cream they were about to eat to catch on fire. Thomas calms down and tells him he knows how to get there.

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