Dating Greve

The furnishings are the usual ones: an elegant lectern in carved and gilded wood, and three canon tables to hold the texts containing the readings to be used for the Mass, also date from the 18 C.

All the paintings in this room are of ecclesiastical origin, originally placed above the altars of their respective churches of provenance.

The remainder of the display is dedicated to liturgical hangings.

dating Greve

A visit to the museum begins in the large Oratory, which contains all the most valuable art works.Pour vous abonner et recevoir les mises à jour des pages, vous devez être connecté(e) à votre espace personnel. dating sider anmeldelse Horsens Vous serez alerté(e) par courriel à chaque mise à jour significative de la page La grève est une cessation collective et concertée du travail destinée à appuyer des revendications professionnelles. L'exercice du droit de grève est soumis à un préavis.Il fait l'objet de certaines limitations et entraîne des retenues sur salaires.Si cette obligation de préavis n'est pas respectée, l'administration peut prendre des sanctions disciplinaires à l'encontre des agents grévistes.

Dating Greve

Next to it is a painting on wood of the Madonna and Child enthroned between St.Anthony Abbot and Lucy carried out by an anonymous Florentine painter in the first decades of the 16 C.The great polychrome terracotta of the scene of the Lamentation over the dead Christ dominates.It occupies its original position above the high altar, in an arched niche decorated with festoons of fruit and flowers and topped with a cherub in the typical style of the Della Robbia workshop.The ancient sacristy contains a section dedicated to textiles, with various examples of religious vestments and two very valuable church furnishings, both of extraordinary artistic interest: a 14 C reliquary cross in rock crystal made to contain relics of the wood from the Holy Cross and of various saints, carried out for the ; and small stained glass window portraying St.

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Sylvester, originally in a small window in the Church at Convertoie, which took its name from this saint.

The changes in the territory have gradually led to the transformation of these castles into splendid villas and villa farms, although, unlike in other areas, they have rarely been abandoned.

This situation, combined with another important factor - the vicinity of great and very active monastic centres such as those of the Vallombrosans in the Abbeys of and the Camaldolites at Montemuro - greatly favoured the artistic and cultural development of the area.

However, even though the local road system was nothing like as important, Florence could be reached very easily, while the roads cutting across the slopes of the nearby hills also linked the area with the Arno valley, where there were busy markets (like the one at Figline).

This contributed to the development of a marketplace in the Greve valley below , and eventually to the development of the town of Greve itself, situated in the centre of a densely populated area that already boasted a great many parish and country churches and was scattered with feudal castles and villages.

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