Dating dr. grabow pipes

So it follows, then, if one particular pipe commands an impressive price at auction, it’ll pique not only the interest of the house but also owners of pipe collections to entertain the idea of selling theirs via the public auction.And I offer the proof that this is so later in this article. Hundreds, literally, have been auctioned here and in Europe in the last decade.

Just about everyone seems to be raving about the myriad opportunities on e Bay, and folks are frenetically buying (starting or expanding their collections) by finding great stuff, or selling (thinning out or dispersing their collections) and making, so say these sellers, big bucks.Among the 291 lots were eight unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-carved and signed briars from a very skilled 20th century American artist identified in the catalog only as Garlow.These were described as follows: (1) “Three frontiersmen around a campfire”; (2) “An Indian hunter seated over a dead stag”; (3) “Two Indian warriors approaching a dead buffalo”; (4) “Two Indians in hand-to-hand combat”; (5) “A Civil War soldier firing a pistol behind a rock”; (6) a gorilla family; (7) a gorilla in the jungle; and (8) a large figural head of a gorilla.If e Bay is not the topic du jour among active pipe men, then it’s the other, longer-running, best thing that ever happened, shows and fairs here and, to a lesser extent, in Europe, where limited-edition and custom-made pipes are debuted, where the occasional briar rarity is discovered, where pipes—new, slightly used, vintage, estate (or any number of alternative terms, such as refinished, restored, refurbished, reconditioned, renovated, retooled, repaired and recycled) and antique—can sell from $10 to $10,000, along with an endless array of tinned tobaccos and assorted smoking accessories.The concept and format of the pipe show have changed much since the first one in Burlingame, Calif., about 30 years ago.

Dating dr. grabow pipes

All the briar is specially selected and aged for the ideal condition for pipemaking.Then, using specialized equipment and a great deal of skilled craftsmanship, the briar is transformed into incredibly handsome pipes with amazing smoking characteristics.All stems are hand cut from acrylic bars, and shaped to perfection for comfort and beauty. dansk dating side Middelfart See for yourself why Ascorti is one of the most beloved names in Italian pipes.It is verifiable fact that auction houses have, in the past 30 or so years, become veritable goldmines of goodies for the tobacco artifact collector, more so for the pipe smoker/pipe collector!

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