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The actual publication of Reuther is a throughout revised and condensed version of her dissertation connected to a major research project on surface exposure dating between the Alps and the Altai. The first part, covering about 40 pages, gives an introduction into the methodology, and general information about related calibration and interpretation.

The second main part of the work contains the detailed results from the chosen study areas, presented separately in four chapters.

small valley glaciers versus glaciers with ice-disintegration features and widespread dead-ice during the deglaciation process) for the age interpretation of the ages of moraine boulders is highlighted and an important general conclusion.

Dating boden

Die Analysemöglichkeiten für die Bestimmung kosmogener Nuklide sind weltweit nur in wenigen Laboratorien vorhanden, so z. an der ETH Zürich, wo die Autorin die meisten ihrer Analysen unter Nutzung der AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry) durchführte.Finally, a synthesis about the calculated former ELAs and the conclusions put the regional findings together to gain a more general outline for both, geochronological and methodological aspects.The appendix contains some detailed information about the individual samples and the dating procedure.Reuther stresses the possible influence of site-related factors (e.g.topographic shielding, vegetation cover, snow depths) upon the results and discussed the different calibration procedures in use.

Dating boden

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