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The sampling and analysis procedures were state of the art in the 1970s, but by today's standards there is an unfortunate lack of loss on ignition and magnetic susceptibility data.

I kommunen indgår Engholm Sogn, Lillerød Sogn, Lynge Sogn, Uggeløse Sogn og dele af Blovstrød Sogn.Or did it first develop late in Allerød times in response to an ecological catastrophe which took place around 12 900 cal yr BP; i.e. date ideer Guldborgsund when the Lacher See volcano spewed out colossal ash layers which then settled as a suffocating blanket across enormous areas further to the south (Riede, 2008 ; Riede and Edinborough, 2012; cf. What was the nature of the cultural and demographic substrate from which the culture arose?I kommunen ligger der også en menighed af Jesu Kristi Kirke af Sidste Dages Hellige.Kommunen gennemskæres af Hillerødmotorvejen og Kongevejen. I Allerød Kommune er der 9 folkeskoler (Blovstrød Skole, Engholmskolen, Kongevejsskolen, Lillerød Skole, Lynge Skole, Maglebjergskolen, Ravnsholtskolen, Skovvangskolen og Tokkekøbskolen) og et gymnasium, Allerød Gymnasium.

Dansk dating Allerød

And did it enjoy a cultural and genetic afterlife in subsequent periods?The present article presents a preliminary status with respect to the dating of the Bromme culture and attempts thereby to establish a foundation for resolution of some of the fundamental archaeological problems associated specifically with the Lateglacial in Southern Scandinavia, as well as with the Late Palaeolithic epoch generally in the North European lowlands.Despite the fact that research has been carried out into the Bromme culture through several decades, it remains one of the most poorly-dated archaeological cultures of the North European lowlands.Significant cultural-historical questions therefore remain unresolved. For example: Did the culture emerge under the influence of the Allerød period's mild climate and the rapidly improving ecological potential for a hunter-fisher-gatherer existence in Southern Scandinavia (Fischer, 1991 ; Eriksen, 2002)?Dots indicate sites that have been dated radiometrically.

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The map of the Holmegård Bog area (B) gives the topographical location of the Trollesgave site and other well-defined Late Palaeolithic activity areas recorded during intensive field-surveying along the shores of the former lake system. The territory covered by the Bromme culture comprises present-day Denmark, the southernmost part of Sweden, the northern parts of the countries located south of the Baltic and the adjacent, now sea-covered, parts of the Baltic and the North Sea (Eriksen, 2002; Clausen, 2003; Pedersen, 2009; Petersen, 2009; Burdukiewicz, 2011 ; Riede and Edinborough, 2012).The Bromme culture belongs to the Lateglacial, the period when people settled in the recently deglaciated Southern Scandinavia.Until now there have been only a few imprecise fix-points relating to the chronological position of this archaeological culture.This situation can now be improved with the aid of research results from a Bromme culture settlement at Trollesgave in SE Denmark.Using pollen and plant macrofossil data, Lateglacial lacustrine deposits containing waste material from the settlement can be assigned to the end of the climatically mild Allerød period. By correlation with climate data from the Greenland ice cores, the occupation can be assigned to the early part of the cold climatic zone GS-1, thus demonstrating that the global ice-core climate zones are not absolutely synchronous with the regional division into biozones.).

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