Dansk date Albertslund

10 central dilemmas of global management are presented and discussed as point of departure for practical exercise among others: So f*cking special: ‘Global’ leadership vs.

‘local/domestic’ management”, Global dexterity: Cultural intelligence vs.

You will learn about ‘glocalisation’ as a new the black of global leadership – and the practical implications and get a better understanding of boundary spanning leadership in a global context.

Our aim with the Masterclass in Nudging, is that you get a get a scientific foundation for understanding behaviour and how to effectively change it.Nudging is a concept in behavioural science, and is an effective way to influence people’s behaviour, without restricting freedom of choice.The application of nudging in the world is increasing steadily, both within the private and public sector.If you want to become better at understanding human behaviour and create solutions that guide people to do what’s in their best interest, then this is the course for you., you will get knowledge and training in how to identify problematic behaviour and devise solutions that match them. We will give you a thorough presentation to our diagnostic tool, AIMS©, and our processes tool BASIC©, that we have developed and use every day in our own work.These tools are the product of our sustained devotion to applied behavioural science.

Dansk date Albertslund

His current research focuses on strategy, managing knowledge intensive firms, management consulting and global leadership. leadership development professionals such as consultants or HR).We invite participants from companies of all countries of origin, size, maturity and degree of internationalisation/globalisation to provide a diversity of experiences and points of view.The participants could work in finance, public policy, academia, marketing, education or HR management, but also in other related fields where human behaviour is the key to success.We have previously had the pleasure of teaching practitioners focused on sustainable behaviour, communication, health, and public policy among other fields.The framework consists of five phases: We will use examples from our own work to show you how nudging can be applied in a wide range of real-world contexts and how it can be tested properly.

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Internationally, we have advised and conducted reports for OECD, the World Bank and the European Commission.

This course explores various dimensions of global leadership with the aim of enabling participants to track their individual and organisational globality profile.

This course invites participants to engage in a balanced, evidence-based knowledge exchange on the practical consequences of globality for individual management/leadership as well as organizational governance and enablement.

You will also be presented to different cases during the course, in which you will have the possibility to practice on how to identify a behaviour problem and how to design an appropriate nudge-solution. In the final part of the course we will discuss one of the most common worries – that the science of nudging will be used by potentially biased policy makers to manipulate citizens against their own will.

This course is for professionals that work with or is dependent on human behaviour in regard to citizen-, customer- or employee behaviour.

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