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For example, a guest type can be used to distinguish those people who call for information about a property from people who book reservations.

The guest type may be used to filter mailing labels or e-mails.

Clive owen dating history

This link allows external pictures to be attached to the guest history master.The nine guest history comment fields (same as Comments 1 - 9 on the reservation details) can be customized to the property's needs.The headings for these fields can be changed to reflect the appropriate information using System | Comment Labels.Once a state is displayed in this field, use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list individually without using the mouse.Enter the Zip Code using any 10 alphanumeric characters prior to the City and State fields for the system to automatically fill in those fields for the user.

Clive owen dating history

Click the Group button (show in title) to open the Find Group screen and allow for selection from a list.Click Detail to view the Group Detail screen which is actually the Change Group screen in read-only format.The pictures can be viewed as long as the workstation has the application installed that displays that file extension.\Master Pics\Guest folder, using the guest history number as the file name.For example, if the file created was for the guest # 1234 in the RDP01 directory, the file and location would be \RDP\RDP01\Master Pics\Guest\1234For example, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada could be assigned to a "SW - Southwest" region. Codes define the type of guest staying at your property, and can be used to analyze the market segments being targeted.

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A user definable field that describes the type of guest, such as Transient, F. This is the default group for this guest which is used on the next reservation made for this guest.As shown in this sample, tabs outlined in color hold master-specific information.When viewing a single guest history record on a screen such as Change, the Contact Detail tab information is displayed above the other tabs. This is a separate tab when viewing the Analysis grid as shown below; however when viewing Add or Change Guest screens, this information is displayed above the other tabs.Letters are allowed for Canadian and European addresses.Select the country where the guest is located using the drop-down list.

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