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The inhabitants then shifted to a seafood based diet, which allowed the population to increase.

Agricultural settlers made inroads around 3,000 BC.

Eight of the 22 had died before reaching 20 years of age - testifying to the hardness of hunter-gatherer life in the cold north.

The first human settlers to inhabit Denmark and Scandinavia permanently was the Maglemosian people, residing in seasonal camps and hunting both the land, sea, rivers and lakes.Eventually, Denmark lost these conflicts and ended up ceding first Skåneland to Sweden and later Schleswig-Holstein to the German Empire. komplett kostenlos flirten Erlangen After the eventual cession of Norway in 1814, Denmark retained control of the old Norwegian colonies of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.The famous Trundholm sun chariot (called Solvognen in Danish), a sculpture of the sun pulled by a mare.Scholars have dated it to some time in the 15th century BC and believe that it illustrates an important concept expressed in Nordic Bronze Age mythology.

100 gratis dating sider Randers

The Weichsel glaciation covered all of Denmark most of the time, except the western coasts of Jutland.It ended around 13,000 years ago allowing humans to move back into the previously ice-covered territories and establish permanent habitation.Many dolmens and rock tombs (especially passage graves) date from this period.The Nordic Bronze Age period in Denmark, from about 1,500 BC, featured a culture which buried its dead, with their worldly goods, beneath burial mounds.It was not until around 6,000 BC that the geography of Denmark as we know it today had been shaped approximately.

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